Welcome to All Things Qajaq

Welcome to All Things Qajaq! The word “Qajaq” originates from Greenland however it is more commonly known to foreigners as the kayak. This website encompasses a collection of all things related to kayaking.

All Things Qajaq is the vision of James Manke, an international Greenland rolling instructor. Rolling a kayak multiple ways is a very rewarding and uplifting experience. Learning these skills can add a substantial amount of confidence to your game. My focus teaching each roll is to break the process down for the student using as little words as possible. Putting focus on areas where strength is needed. Many students get overwhelmed being told to many things to process. Once a student has good understanding of body position, learning the basic mechanics of both layback and forward finish rolls becomes much easier.

For outstanding instruction, tips on rolling or and educational Greenland session, please feel free to contact James and he will be happy to set up a time that works for you and your group. One on one sessions are also available at the convenience of the customer.

534651_195766090548676_449017717_nJames Manke makes learning easy, the way he breaks down the steps, enabling you to “feel” what you need to do before you even go upside down, helped me orientate my self calmly once I was head down under my boat in the water. James doesn’t hold back the secrets he has and through him I have quickly learnt and mastered some of the more complicated rolls. Jaime Sharp