About All Things Qajaq

Instructor, James Manke

430244_10151988265195462_727313560_nJames Manke is the founder and visionary of All Things Qajaq. His passion for Greenland kayaking has spread world wide and he travels around the world primarily teaching Greenland rolling and related skills. James won gold in the Greenland rolling competition at the National Greenland Kayaking Championships in July 2014. He also won 5 silver medals in other traditional related disciplines at the same event. James is the Canadian ambassador for Northern Light Paddle Sports and sponsored by Tahe Outdoors and Reed Chillcheater. James serves as an active member of The Hurricane Riders, an inspiring group of passionate sea kayakers on the West Coast of Canada on the pushing edge of the sport.

Kayak Rolling Instruction

The majority of people can learn to roll with no experience at all. Kids to older active adults can learn if they are fitted in the kayak properly. For some people, learning to roll will require training specific muscle groups if they lack control in the legs. With a relatively flexible back and torso you will have the best success however an efficient roll can be developed if your back simply won’t allow you to twist. We offer kayak rolling clinics and private instruction custom per students skill level and ability primarily focus on the simplicity of Greenland rolling and the list of Greenland rolls. Our most eager students can continue being coached with us to push themselves forward to competition level where they can compete in a number of events around the world. The big competition and dream for most is in Greenland. There are 35 competitive rolls in Greenland where they hold an annual event to help encourage interest and preserve the heritage of the qajaq.