Toured Clinics and Events

James Manke has specialized in teaching kayak rolling and traditional skills for the past 10 years at numerous internationally symposiums and events around the world. This video was taken at the Pacific Paddling Symposium held in Victoria, BC, Canada.

James' passionate in-depth view of how to roll a kayak in something he shares in all his toured clinics. The skills we learn from the Tradition of kayaking are very transferrably to today's medern world of kayaking.

International Events

James is often asked to instruct at events around the world and has been to Japan, USA, South America, Chile and across Canada. If you are interested in having James attend your event or you just want to check out which events you might be able to catch James at next, have a look at our International Events page

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Looking for a Private Rolling Session?

James is available for Private Sessions as he tours and also in his local area, Victoria BC, while he's not travelling / teaching.