International Events

Traditional to modern day kayak surfing

International Events and Symposiums

I absolutely love attending international events and welcome more countries every year. This give me an opportunity to share and inspire others around the globe. A majority of clients ask me to come teach kayak rolling, rough water clinics and kayak surfing. I am a big believer in mending and blending the sport with tradition and modern day kayak gear. I would be honoured to come and be a part of your event.

Upcoming 2017 International Kayak Symposiums

Internation Greenland Kayaking Instructor, James Manke, will be attending the following symposiums and events. If you would like James Manke to attend your event, please contact him and arrangements can be made.

2017 Traditional Qajaqers of the South, USA

2017 Pacific Paddling Symposium

2017 Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium

2017 Chillean Sea Kayak Symposium, South America